Useful Links


University of Alberta


Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation

Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute



Attention and Action Lab – U of A (Supervised by Dr. Anthony Singhal)

Advanced Man Machine Interface (AMMI) Lab – U of A (Supervised by Dr. Walter Bischof)

Bionic Limbs for Improved Natural Control (BLINC) group – U of A (Led by Dr. Jacqueline Hebert)

Vision Lab – UBC (Supervised by Dr. Jim Enns)

The Attentional Neuroscience Lab – UBC (Supervised by Dr. Todd Handy)

Brain and Attention Research (BAR) Lab – UBC (Supervised by Dr. Alan Kingstone)

Brain and Mind Institute – UWO (Directed by Dr. Melvyn Goodale)

Dr. Jody Culham: Neuroimaging of Action and Perception

Dr. Paul Gribble: Computational Motor Control

Dr. Daniel Ansari: Numerical Cognition Lab

Jennifer Milne (PhD candidate)

Daniel Wood (PhD candidate)

Dr. Jeremy Wong – Michael Smith Post-doctoral fellow, SFU

Dr. Jason Gallivan – Banting Post-doctoral fellow, Queen’s University

Dr. Ken Valyear – NSERC Post-doctoral fellow, University of Missouri



Dr. Jon Cant – Assistant Professor, University of Toronto

Dr. Gavin Buckingham – Lecturer, Heriot-Watt University



Functional Data Analysis and fANOVA guide




Alberta Gambling Research Institute