ACELab @ RECON 2015


The ACELab enjoyed a weekend in the mountains for the annual Phys Ed and Rec graduate student retreat, RECON.  New MSc students Jennifer Bertrand and Ewen Lavoie joined Dr. Chapman in a weekend full of learning, talking, socializing and WHITE WATER RAFTING! (special thanks to PERGSS for putting together the conference).  Congratulations to Ewen Lavoie who, in addition to saving his supervisors life (see below) also won the award for best oral presentation.

ACELab goes over the edge: Ewen Lavoie, front left; Dr. Chapman, 2nd row left; Jennifer Bertrand, second row right.



Where’s Dr. Chapman? Can you tell whose missing from panels 4 to 5? Later, Ewen and others helped pull the man over board, back on board.